HOPCo – SOS – HOPCo Southeast Specialty Care Network Press Release

July 23, 2019

Healthcare Outcomes Performance Company (HOPCo), the national leader in the delivery of musculoskeletal practice management and value-based care solutions, today announced that it has partnered with Southeast Orthopedic Specialists (SOS) of Jacksonville, Florida, to form HOPCo Southeast Specialty Care Network,...

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Why Foot Care is Important

November 30, 2016

Your feet were made for walking, and it’s important not to tiptoe around the importance of foot health. Despite the distance from your heart, the health of your feet can impact your overall health. It’s important not to ignore foot...

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7 Reasons to Try Physical Therapy

November 18, 2016

Physical therapy has been proven to help people of all ages who have injuries, illnesses or medical conditions that limit their ability to function and move. A customized treatment program by a physical therapist can help people return to their...

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Does Milk Really Help With Developing Strong Bones

November 4, 2016

Cow’s milk and its related products are excellent sources of calcium, an element that is essential for building strong bones when it interacts with the hormone-like substance called Vitamin D. However, milk isn’t the only calcium-rich food for bone health....

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Things Your Orthopedic Physician Wants You to Know

November 1, 2016

Whether you have sustained a sports-related injury or you suffer with chronic back pain, Southeast Orthopedic Specialists can help relieve your pain. If you have been injured, we will also assist you as you move through the recovery process. Our...

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The Future of Spine Technology

October 25, 2016

There have been many technology advancements for spine care. An orthopedic spinal surgeon, Anthony Yeung, weighs in on his opinions on where he sees the future of spinal care. Dr. Yeung realized the need for minimalism in spine surgery when...

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Partial Joint Replacement

October 22, 2015

Millions of Americans suffer from joint pain, with 40 percent saying that it is “very difficult” or they are “unable” to perform common activities like stooping, bending, kneeling or walking a brief distance, according to the Centers for Disease Control...

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