Physical therapy has been proven to help people of all ages who have injuries, illnesses or medical conditions that limit their ability to function and move. A customized treatment program by a physical therapist can help people return to their previous lifestyle, prevent future injury and improve overall health. Here are 7 reasons to try physical therapy.

Reason #1: Lessen or Eliminate Painnursing helping patient with physical therapy

Physical therapy includes both active and passive treatment. Therapeutic exercises can help reduce or eliminate pain. In passive modalities, electrical stimulation, ultrasound and joint mobilization help to restore joint function and to reduce pain.

Reason #2: Avoid the Need for Invasive Therapy

If the physical therapy is effective for reducing pain and enhancing healing, you will likely avoid the need for surgery and avoid paying the expensive health care costs for the surgery.

Reason #3: Improved Function and Mobility

Whether you’re having difficulty moving or walking, physical therapy can help those daily functions. Strengthening and stretching exercises build muscle strength and help restore the ability to move. Plus, a physical therapist can fit you with any assistive device like a cane. An assessment can be done for any orthotic prescription for maximum performance.

Reason #4: Recovery from a Stroke

Usually, after a stroke, a person loses some degree of movement and function. Physical therapy helps things get working again. With treatment under a physical therapist, stroke victims can improve function and become more independent with bathing, dressing, toileting and other daily living tasks.

Reason #5: Manage Age-Related Problems

It’s not uncommon for seniors to need a joint replacement or to gradually develop osteoporosis or arthritis. A physical therapist helps patients manage medical conditions and in the recovery from surgery.

Reason #6: Prevent Falls

Before physical therapy is initiated, patients are screened for fall risk. A physical therapist will develop an exercise plan to improve your balance. Coordination is also improved through exercises.

Reason #7: Manage Lung and Heart Disease

Part of complete cardiac rehabilitation includes physical therapy. Through breathing, conditioning and strengthening exercise, lung and heart function is improved.

If you have questions about how physical therapy may help you or someone you care about, contact the professionals at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists. Our physical therapists are all trained in orthopedic manual physical therapy and provide patients with the latest in evidence-based treatments.

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