Scheduling your Surgery

Once your surgery has been scheduled, you will receive a surgical folder with all the documents pertaining to your upcoming surgery. Keep this important information in a safe place where you can reference it as needed. There may also be some pre-operative surgical appointments scheduled for you at the time of scheduling your procedure. These typically include a Pre-Admission testing appointment at the hospital, a total joint education class or a preoperative appointment at one of our clinics. In addition, you may also need surgical clearance from your primary care physician and any other specialists you may see. After your surgery is scheduled, you will have time to complete these appointments and to organize and plan for both your hospital stay and your care after discharge.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

At Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, many of the surgeries we perform use minimally invasive techniques to provide our patients with the best chance for a smooth recovery. Minimally invasive surgery includes surgical procedures utilizing smaller incisions that can disrupt lesser amounts of soft tissue compared to conventional surgery. Other benefits include less scarring and reduced blood loss. To find out more about minimally invasive surgery and how it pertains to your specific procedure, please consult with your specialist.


Your procedure may cause a temporary disruption in your current work status. Southeast Orthopedic Specialists will complete Short Term Disability or FMLA paperwork during the duration of your recovery.

Handicapped Permits

Your procedure may qualify you to receive a handicap parking permit. To apply please visit the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website.

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Insurance Coverage & Surgical Deposits

Please check your coverage with your insurance company prior to surgery. This is a good time to verify the coverage of durable medical equipment and physical therapy, as they may be necessary for your treatment. Southeast Orthopedic Specialists will obtain surgical authorization for your procedure. You may receive a phone call regarding your surgical deposit. The facility where your procedure will take place will contact you regarding additional facility, anesthesia, and radiology fees. Please keep in mind that these fees are separate from Southeast Orthopedic Specialists.


Your physician/anesthesiologist may require medical clearance to be completed by your primary care physician and any other specialists. This is to assure you are in the best medical health to undergo anesthesia and surgery. You will receive clearance forms for your physician(s) to sign at the time of scheduling. It is your responsibility to make the appointments with your physician(s) and have the clearances completed.

Pre-Admission Testing

(Hospital procedures only)

This appointment is your scheduled time to meet with a surgical services nurse to review your medical history, review your instructions prior to surgery day and complete testing required by the anesthesiologist and your physician. This testing may include bloodwork, urinalysis, EKG, etc. If your current physician(s) have already performed the necessary test for clearance, please bring a copy of the testing and clearances with you to this appointment. All testing must be within 30 days of surgery.

Joint Replacement Education

(Total Joint Replacements only)

The Total Joint Replacement Preoperative Education Program is designed to bring together patients and practitioners from all stages of care. The program includes presentations from social workers, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and surgeons. Your orthopedic surgeon’s office has scheduled you and your ‘coach’ (a family member or friend) for our Total Joint Preoperative Education Class. Your surgeon believes that it is important for you and your ‘coach’ to understand exactly what to expect from your surgery & throughout your recovery process.

For your convenience, this class will be scheduled for you at the time of scheduling your procedure, and will be on the same day as your Pre-Admission Testing Appointment.

  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center Southside (M-F 10:00 am on the 4th floor)
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center Riverside (T-Th at 1:00 pm on the 1st floor of the Main Hospital Building)
  • St. Vincent’s Medical Center Clay (T-Th at 1:00 pm on the 1st floor)
  • Memorial Hospital (M-F at 2:00pm)

Preoperative Appointment

If a preoperative appointment is required, this will be scheduled at the time of surgery. During the preoperative appointment, you will see either your physician or physician’s assistant to discuss your procedure, test results, clearances, medications, physical/occupational therapy, and post operative care. All medical clearances are due at the time of this appointment. You will also receive detailed preoperative instructions from your provider to prepare for your surgery.

Surgical Arrival Times

You will receive a phone call the business day prior to your surgery with your arrival time.


Please make sure you have made arrangements prior to your procedure for transportation and aftercare. You will receive a packet of information with your discharge information, prescriptions and upcoming postoperative appointments before you leave the facility.