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When you have a bone, muscle, or joint injury, you want the very best care and the greatest possible results. At Southeast Orthopedic Specialists all of our surgeons are fellowship-trained, meaning they have completed additional training at prestigious programs across the country to rank among the top experts in their field. Our expert physicians have a passion for the specialties they treat and are consistently on the cutting edge of patient care.

Our specialties include:

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The Magic Behind Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering refer to the science of combining scaffolds, cell and biologically active molecules to create functional tissues that will work in the human body. While there are differences between tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, the terms have become interchangeable as scientists seek ways to cure complex, chronic diseases.


Free Injury Evaluation Clinic

Bumps n’ Bruises clinic with the Southeast Orthopedics Sports Medicine Team every Saturday morning, September through November. Free injury assessment by an expert orthopedic specialist and physical therapist Recommended home treatment for simple injuries Treatment options and recovery information available for your coach and athletic trainer Open to every school and athletic program Click image to view full size. […]


How Protecting Your Back and Pelvis During Pregnancy Can Reduce Pain

Many women experience discomfort in their back and/or pelvis during pregnancy. The muscles in the back, pelvic floor and stomach support the back and pelvis joints. However, as the uterus grows with the baby, it’s harder for these muscles to do their job. This can result in stiffness and pain. In addition, the pelvis is […]