Relieve Pain Without Surgery

Not every injury requires surgery. We work with our patients everyday to provide a non-operative option as a solution to the pain or injury they are experiencing, if possible. There are many different forms of non-operative care that are used to treat a wide-range of injuries or sources of chronic pain.

Our Non-Operative Specialists

The physicians at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists are trained in many areas of non-operative care so that they can provide a well-rounded suite of solutions to the consistently unique cases that walk through our doors. We have specialists who focus on providing non-operative care and lead the effort to help inform patients that surgery is not always their only option.

Common Types of Non-Operative Care We Offer:

If you are interested in looking for a non-operative approach to remedy your pain, call us today at 904-634-0640 or request a call to schedule an evaluation with one of our specialists to determine what path is best for you.