Causes & Treatment Options for Sciatica

November 17, 2022

Pain that starts in the lower back and radiates down the back of the leg is what is commonly referred to as sciatica. The pain follows the path of the sciatic nerve down the leg which means that typically, only...

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Non-Surgical Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc

October 6, 2022

The spine consists of 26 bones called vertebrae and between them are cushion-like pads called “intervertebral discs”. The discs serve as shock absorbers for the vertebrae and help provide stability to the spine. When one of these intervertebral discs loses...

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Spinal Fusion Surgery for Chronic Back Pain

December 24, 2018

Most adults suffer from back pain. Don’t let your back pain keep you from working or doing the things you enjoy. Visit a spine care doctor. Tests can determine the cause of your pain. Your doctor will discuss a plan...

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A Brief Introduction on Comprehensive Spinal Care

November 2, 2018

It’s no wonder that we often use the term backbone to describe something that is of central importance. Your own backbone, or spine to be more precise, is central to the function of your body. The spine is made up...

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Common Myths about Sports Related Spine Injuries

October 19, 2018

Spine injuries among athletes are more common than you know, especially in sports like mixed martial arts, wresting, football, and other extreme sports. At your local spine care clinic in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll see many people getting treatment for spinal injuries. As...

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An Overview of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries

September 4, 2018

For years, spine surgeries were something for patients to seriously worry about.  In order to get the procedure done properly, doctors had to make a major incision in the patient’s back, opening up an area of about five to six...

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Things You Didn’t Know about Spinal Fusion Surgery

August 27, 2018

A condition called lumbar spinal stenosis causes chronic lower back pain and loss of mobility in older adults. More and more patients are turning to spinal fusion surgery as a means to treat this painful condition. But is spinal fusion surgery...

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Know When to Seek Medical Care for Lower Back Pain

August 20, 2018

Back pain doesn’t necessarily require medical attention in all cases. Mild pain that doesn’t overly impair your movement or daily activities often goes away on its own. A bit of soreness should be relatively easy to treat with over-the-counter remedies....

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