Spine Model

For years, spine surgeries were something for patients to seriously worry about.  In order to get the procedure done properly, doctors had to make a major incision in the patient’s back, opening up an area of about five to six inches. The muscles had to be pulled back to open access to the spine, causing a new kind of pain after the surgery. In other words, it was common for patients to find themselves entering with one back problem and leaving with another.

However, those days have passed because of the development of minimally invasive spine surgeries (MISS). Over the past few years, technology has allowed doctors to make smaller incisions to get into the patient’s back, allowing joint replacement specialists in Jacksonville, FL, to give patients the help they need without causing more damage than necessary. Here are a few things you should know about these spine surgeries.

They Rely on X-Ray Images

X-ray images have progressed greatly in the past few decades, and with today’s technology, it’s possible for doctors to get a view of a specific area of your body in real time. Rather than having to open everything in your back to get a full look at it while they’re working on your back issues, they can instead use the X-ray images to guide them to the spot where your back needs help.

Microscopes also play a role in the procedure by providing the necessary lighting and view to give your surgeon a proper look at what needs to be fixed inside your back. The combination of light and X-rays give your surgeon all the information necessary to solve the issue without long-term risk to your muscles.

Before and After X-Rays

The Instruments Stretch Rather Than Cut

Your muscles are designed to stretch in certain situations, such as when you get exercise. In the case of a MISS, your surgeon will stretch your muscles by inserting instruments such as a tubular retractor, which creates a path to the area where the spinal problem exists. What this means is that your surgeon will only need to make a slight cut into your back to insert the small retractor and stretch your muscles out of the way.

To avoid pain, your surgeon will either give you a full anesthetic so you’re asleep during the procedure or opt for a local anesthetic, which will keep you awake but unable to feel anything in the area that’s being treated. Either way, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

It’s Much Safer

When traditional surgeries were the only option, not only was pain more common, but so were infections. Fortunately, an MISS drastically lowers the chance of infection because it is a less invasive process.

Having back surgery isn’t something anyone wants to do, but if it becomes necessary to schedule an appointment with a joint replacement specialist in Jacksonville, FL, because of your back, you can take comfort knowing you have the best in medical technology on your side. With a MISS, it’ll be just a matter of time before your back problems are a thing of the past!

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