It’s no wonder that we often use the term backbone to describe something that is of central importance. Your own backbone, or spine to be more precise, is central to the function of your body. The spine is made up of the spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid, and the bones that protect them. These bones are made up of individual vertebra with spinal discs positioned between them. Your spine is what allows you to move and twist and is key to your mobility. Anyone who has experienced serious back pain, problems with spinal discs, or any other spine problems can tell you that when the spine is not functioning properly, mobility can be severely limited. You may have difficulty walking, turning your head, sitting, bending over, or picking things up.

Not only is your spine key to your mobility, it houses the incredibly important spinal cord which is a key part of the messaging system from your brain to the rest of the body. Messages from your extremities are sent through the spinal cord to the brain, which then decides how to respond to the stimulus. Your spinal cord even plays an important role in controlling bladder function.

Knowing how important your spine is to the function of your body, you should be sure to seek comprehensive spine care in Jacksonville, FL, if you’re experiencing spinal problems. Active spine care may include a variety of different approaches. When it comes to spinal care, there’s not a single approach that’ll address all problems. Here are some different methods that might be used in complete spine care.

Pain Treatment

Conservative treatment may include pain management through a combination of therapies. Usually a team of experts in spine care will come together to help create a plan. The plan may include the use of pain medication, injections, physical therapy, aqua therapy, or other treatments that are tailored to the specific needs of the patient.


Chiropractic spine care focuses on the manipulation of the spine to relieve back pain, headaches, neck pain, and joint conditions. Chiropractic is often considered a complementary health approach, but many people find it beneficial. Serious spinal disorders, trauma, or conditions aren’t treated using chiropractic methods.

Spine Surgery

In some cases, surgery on the spine is necessary to treat a problem. Your surgeon or team of doctors will come up with a plan that addresses the problems while maintaining the goal of being as minimally invasive and risk-free as possible. New surgical techniques and technology have made surgery easier, less risky, and more successful than ever.

Care Following Surgery

After surgery you will need to follow your doctors instructions carefully in order to heal properly and prevent problems from recurring. Directly after surgery you will be placed in a special unit at the hospital to be monitored and taken care of. Once you have returned home, you may have special exercises, instructions, or follow-up visits that you need to complete in order to keep your healing on track. Make sure you have discussed spine care following surgery with your doctor and that you understand what you need to do to make sure surgery was successful.

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