Signs You May Need a Joint Revision Surgery

November 26, 2018

Total hip and knee replacement surgeries are probably more common than you think. In fact, patients with the need for joint replacement surgery are becoming younger. With more replacement surgeries being performed on younger patients, the need for possible joint...

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Partial vs Total Knee Replacement: Learn the Difference

November 16, 2018

The human body is an amazing machine. The musculoskeletal system gives your body form, stability, and mobility. This system, made up of bones, muscles, ligaments, joints, cartilage, and other connective tissues, is truly exceptional. Joints like your knees work endlessly...

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Checklist to Follow before Hip Replacement Surgery

November 12, 2018

As people get older or suffer injuries, hip replacement surgery can become inevitable. While it might sound scary, especially for someone who has never had surgery before, it’s a remarkably safe procedure. Patients often experience fantastic results and are immensely...

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Understanding the Three P’s of Joint Replacement Recovery

October 24, 2018

Joint replacement surgery is a long-term solution to minimizing knee pain. However, don’t expect relief immediately following the surgery. There’s recovery time that you must account for, and it won’t all be pain-free. As you prepare for joint replacement in...

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Myths about Joint Replacement Surgery Debunked

September 28, 2018

Are you considering joint replacement surgery? Several myths surround joint replacement surgery. Knowing that much of what you’ve heard isn’t true should put you more at ease going into your joint replacement surgery. Read More

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Signs You May Need Joint Replacement Surgery

September 16, 2018

Joint pain might seem like nothing more than a side effect of getting older, but the reality is that pain isn’t supposed to be something that rules your life. Pain is meant to be a sign that something is wrong...

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Dos and Don’ts after Joint Replacement Surgery

August 29, 2018

One of the downsides to aging is that our joints wear out or get damaged. A lifetime of playing sports, exercising, and other physical pursuits, just like any appliance you have, takes its toll. In extreme cases of joint damage...

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Arthritis and Weather: Correlation or Perception?

August 23, 2018

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. There are many different forms of arthritis, but in the most severe cases, joint replacement is a necessary option. If you are...

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