According to the US Centers for Disease Control, approximately 50 million Americans suffer from some form of arthritis. There are many different forms of arthritis, but in the most severe cases, joint replacement is a necessary option. If you are considering options in treating arthritis and joint replacement cost in Jacksonville, FL, has you wondering if you can live with it a while longer, consider these arthritis facts.

There Is No Cure

The symptoms of arthritis vary from patient to patient, but generally, most people experience stiffness and joint pain that becomes worse over time. In some cases, simple OTC medication can relieve the symptoms. In many cases, more dramatic treatment is necessary. Patients who visit the joint replacement clinic in Jacksonville, FL, are patients who have seen their arthritis progress to where surgery is a reasonable option. There is no cure for arthritis.

The General Weather Effect

Just about everyone has a relative who could “feel” bad weather coming because the pain in their joints or around an old injury flared up. In most cases, this is thought to be due to arthritis, although there is little research to provide a definitive answer regarding the correlation. There is, as mentioned, significant anecdotal evidence. If you fall into this category and the pain is severe, you should see a joint replacement doctor to explore options.

The Barometer

The Arthritis Foundation has some studies that show a correlation between barometric pressure and arthritis pain. Pain seemed to increase with increases in pressure and humidity. Controlling this could be a factor of living choices. Having surgery performed at the joint replacement hospital in Jacksonville, FL for a specific joint and continuing to live in the Florida climate, for instance, would mean that other joints affected would continue to flare up.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain is also thought to be a pain culprit as many patients feel more discomfort during rainy days, even in warmer climates. There are multiple studies by the Arthritis Foundation that indicate at least a loose connection. How much rain is a factor in causing pain is subjective and varies according to joint replacement doctors If it is significant for a patient, multiple procedures might be necessary over time.


There is no direct, scientifically or medically identified connection between arthritis pain and the weather. There is significant anecdotal evidence, however. For patients who have intense pain or discomfort when the barometric pressure decreases, it gets cold or rainy. Joint replacement cost in Jacksonville, FL, is a motivating factor in patient decisions, but given the prospect of reduced pain, with most patients, it is worth the investment.

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