One of the downsides to aging is that our joints wear out or get damaged. A lifetime of playing sports, exercising, and other physical pursuits, just like any appliance you have, takes its toll. In extreme cases of joint damage or wear, it may be necessary to replace the joint. If your doctor is recommending joint replacement procedures in Jacksonville, FL, the following are some do’s and don’ts for you following your surgery.

Do Listen to Your Doc

Your joint replacement specialist in Jacksonville, FL, has one job as it pertains to replacing your joints and your recovery. That means they’re not going to give you advice or recommendations that will hurt you or slow your recovery. You need to listen to them and do what they tell you to do regarding rest, recuperation, and rehabilitation.

Don’t Push It

If you’re the least bit active, the recuperation part of your post-surgery routine will be the most frustrating. The tendency will be, especially once you start to feel better, to push your rehabilitation as hard as you can. While a commitment and dedication to your rehab program is ideal, your joint replacement therapy in Jacksonville, FL, will be geared towards making sure everything you do helps you recover. Unless told otherwise, you must stick to the routine that is recommended and not push beyond that.

Do Exercise, but Sensibly

Once you’re well into your recovery, you will be able to begin exercising external to any joint replacement programs in Jacksonville, FL, that you’re involved in. You must pursue low-impact exercise like walking, bicycling, or swimming and avoid any exercise or sports that could lead to any type a physical impact. When exercising, do so strenuously, but do not overdo it.

Don’t Flex the Joint beyond the Rehab Threshold

As important as low-impact exercises to your recovery, it’s equally as important that you do not flex the joint that has been replaced beyond the limits of your rehab. To get the best understanding of what that means, you should discuss post-operative joint use with your joint replacement surgeon in Jacksonville, FL. Your surgeon will be able to explain to you natural and unnatural joint movement as well as what the thresholds are for your type of surgery.

Actions that every joint replacement specialist will tell you that you should avoid include crossing your legs and turning them inward and putting a pillow between your legs when you lie down if you have had knee replacement or bending at the hip if you have had hip replacement surgery. They will also tell you to use assistive tools to pick up objects and to relieve stress on the joint when sitting.

Joint replacement procedures in Jacksonville, FL, will do a lot to getting you back to your healthiest state. You, however, have a responsibility to follow the advice of your specialist and doctors. That is the only way to ensure that your recovery goes as smooth as possible.

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