Myths and Facts: The Truth About Ortho Medicine

November 9, 2016

While men and women can both benefit from a visit to an orthopedic medicine specialist, orthopedic medicine is especially beneficial to women. When you discover a few of the myths and facts about orthopedic medicine, you will quickly realize exactly...

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Ways to Prevent Sports Related Injuries

October 20, 2016

From ligament strains and stress fractures to head injuries, sport-related injuries can keep you out of the game. While all sports have a risk of injury, there are ways to prevent injuries from occurring. Gear Up for Safety Wearing the...

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Education: Exercises You Can Do At Work

July 17, 2016

Research indicates that prolonged sitting is detrimental to your health. So if you sit at a desk for eight hours every day, you’re at risk for a variety of health concerns. Along with back pain and other assorted ailments, one...

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How to Exercise Smart This Summer

June 15, 2016

Summer is a great time to get exercise. The sun is shining, the pool is sparkling and summertime classics like baseball and beach volleyball await. However, summer is also prime time for exercise-related injuries. Making an exercise mistake can derail...

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How Yoga Helps the Back and Spine

May 25, 2016

Yoga has dramatically gained popularity in the United States over the past few decades. Originally a spiritual practice that was employed by Hindus, yoga now is recognized for its myriad health benefits. There are many types of yoga, from gentle...

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How Strength Training Can Help Reduce Sports Injuries

May 17, 2016

Most athletes focus on aerobic exercise to build their endurance, but some athletes neglect an equally important area of exercise: strength training. Even for sports such as swimming or running in which packing on muscle mass is undesirable, strength training...

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Six Tips for Beginner Runners

April 22, 2016

Running is one of the most egalitarian sports there is. Anyone with a pair of shoes can get outside and go for a run, making it a very accessible form of physical activity. Despite this, beginning runners often make mistakes...

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5 Ways Fitness Trackers Can Help You Reach Your Goals

April 1, 2016

The tech wearables industry is booming, with the global market expected to exceed $19 billion by 2018. Fitness trackers have gained enormous popularity among large swathes of the population for their ease of use and ability to track numerous activities....

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