If you’ve suffered an injury, your doctor may say that physical therapy is optional. However, in most cases, physical therapy is essential. It should never be optional for the following reasons.Female Patient Working With Physiotherapist

Faster Recovery

When you have a physical therapist guiding you through your recovery, they help you retrain your muscles and strengthen your movements. Physical therapy exercises are specifically designed to help you regain muscle memory and function, and that helps you heal faster. Ultimately, that means less lost time at work and the ability to get back to your regular routine sooner.

Mental Health Benefits

Injuries can be emotionally draining and stressful, and for many people, they bring on symptoms of depression and despondency. Physical therapists directly address both of these issues by working alongside of you, keeping you motivated through your recovery. In addition, exercise offers direct mental health benefits such as improving sleep, reducing anxiety and depression, and boosting your mood through natural endorphins.

Expert Guidance

Working with a physical therapist is different than exercising on your own or even than going to the gym and working with a personal trainer. At Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, our physical therapists have the training, credentials and experience to create a plan that directly addresses your unique situation.

Our therapists work alongside of you as vested partners in your recovery. They don’t set arbitrary benchmarks but rather customize the program to meet your needs on your path to recovery. That professional guidance isn’t something you can get somewhere else — to learn more contact us today.

Pain Reduction

Pain often becomes part of your life after an accident, but a targeted physical therapy program helps to reduce that. Through specific exercises and passive physical therapy such as electrical stimulation or the application of heat pads or cold packs, physical therapists create a comprehensive reaction to your injury that helps to alleviate pain. In some cases, people even turn to physical therapy for herniated or degenerative discs due to a one time injury or repeated strain.

However, physical therapy isn’t just essential after an injury. It’s also essential if you’ve recently had a surgery. Explore the blog to learn more.

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