If you work a job that requires you to stand on your feet all day, you’re probably quite familiar with tired, sore and swollen feet. Other than foot pain, standing for long periods of time can increase your risk serious health problems like back pain, bunions, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, varicose veins, poor circulation and osteoarthritis in your lower extremities that could require the services of a foot or ankle surgeon.

And while any job that requires prolonged standing is bad for your feet, some are worse than others. Here’s a look at five of the worst and steps you can take to prevent problems.Ruin Your Feet

Classroom Teacher

Teachers stand on their feet all day long which can cause a multitude of issues in the feet and ankles. To prevent health concerns, wear flat or low-heeled shoes with a lot of support around the foot and under the arch. If you stand in high heels for hours at a stretch, you feet will become quite painful and your risk for arthritis increases.

Healthcare Workers

Nurses, patient care technicians and operating room staff can experience not only back problems but arthritis and other issues with their knees and feet. Lifting, twisting and even carrying patients all day long can take a toll on your lower extremities. To avoid problems, use mechanical lifts, gurneys, wheelchairs and the assistance of coworkers when moving patients.

Cashiers and Retail Workers

Chronic foot pain and sore muscles plaque retail employees who frequently stand in a small space for hours at a time. Some employers use anti-fatigue mats to combat foot pain among their workers. Wearing supportive footwear and stretching exercises can help alleviate discomfort when your job calls for standing on your feet for long hours.

Assembly Line Workers

Working on an assembly line can cause repetitive motion issues problems in your hands and wrists as well as concerns in your feet. Make sure you’ve got room to stretch and move around a lot during the day. A foot rest or rail where you can switch your weight from one foot to another may also help take the stress off your lower extremities.

Restaurant Workers

Servers, hosts and kitchen staff spend hours standing in basically one place or walking around the restaurant. Supportive shoes are key to preventing foot pain as well as stretching your lower extremity muscles periodically. Foot massages after your shift are a great option, too!

If you work a job that requires standing for long periods at a stretch, get in touch with our physical therapy staff. The professionals at our Jacksonville ortho clinic can teach you about exercises that can help alleviate pain and prevent problems.

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