Working with the breath and meditation may be useful for a variety of patient experiencing chronic pain and more. Yoga and mindfulness are now seen as useful therapies that may enhance physical therapy sessions. Understand more about how yoga and mindfulness may be incorporated into a treatment program.

Learn More About Yoga and Mindfulness

Mindfulness strategies are become more prevalent anyoung woman practicing yogad incorporated into physical therapy sessions. Yoga and mindfulness can serve to complement more traditional exercises and may offer positive results for patients. People experiencing chronic pain can use yoga and meditation in order to work with mental and emotional components to pain as they work with musculoskeletal imbalances. Yoga and mindfulness interventions have been used with patient populations including neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics, traumatic brain injury, acute care and chronic pain. Patients generally experience a parasympathetic relaxation response with such practices and therapists can then work on neuromuscular re-education once the body and mind are in a calm and relaxed state. In some cases, patients may use yoga and meditation to manage various aspects of their condition, in addition to lifestyle and dietary changes.

Gentle Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

Personal preferences vary. However, many patients appreciate the use of alternative forms of therapy. Yoga and mindfulness can serve to improve the quality of life for many patients experiencing chronic pain or requiring acute care. These forms of therapy are safe for adults and children and are some of the non-invasive therapies that may be suggested for pain management and rehabilitation.

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