The most important reason for warming up before doing any sport is to prevent injury. Keeping the muscles warm prevents injuries like hamstring strains and muscle strains. Typically, a warm-up exercise consists of light cardiovascular exercises with stretches. The cardiovascular exercises are intended to increase circulation, bring the heart rate up and prepare the muscles for physical movements required to carry out the sport. Strength exercises prepare the body for sudden movements in order to prevent injuries.

The Effects of a Warm-Upwoman exercising

A warm-up gently prepares the body for the physical activity. It’s also a good opportunity to prepare one mentally for the sport or game. They can also be used for team drills and to practice skills. Most warm-ups should last between 20 minutes to half an hour. This gives the body plenty of time to prepare for the physical activity.

The Medical Evidence in Sport Medicine Journals

In the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, studies found that warm-ups significantly reduce the risk of injury. Studies also indicate that “The potential for reduced injury rates may be greater if the type of warm-up relates directly to the activity subsequently undertaken, and where the participants are of similar ages. The warm-up should be sport-/activity-specific and tailored to the age of your client/group.”

Stretching is a type of warm-up that helps prevent injuries. Types of stretches include forward lunge, side lunge, thigh stretch, side seat straddle and knees to chest stretches. Even walking, running in place or doing jumping jacks will help stretch and warm up the muscles.

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