Breaking a bone in your foot or ankle is a serious condition. Even if a bone is not fully broken, sprains, fractures and tears can still be incredibly painful, limiting your mobility. Outlined below are the ways to treat and recover from foot injuries such as a broken ankle.

Receive Medical Attention

If you are have suffered a foot or ankle injury that is serious enough to limit your mobility, it’s important that you receive professional medical attention as quickly as possible. These injuries don’t often heal well on their own, and they may require surgery and/or physical therapy to treat. You may also benefit from pain medications that you will need a prescription to acquire.broken ankle injury

If you have recently suffered a broken ankle or other serious foot injury, we urge you to contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Rest and Manage the Pain

After visiting with one of our orthopedic specialists, you will be provided with a plan for treating the pain and resting your injury so that it is allowed to heal. This plan may include things such as bed rest, controlling the swelling with ice packs, managing the pain responsibly with medications, and limiting your mobility as much as possible.

Recovering from a foot or ankle injury often takes time and effort, so it’s important to be patient. However, both the surgical procedures at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists as well as the physical therapy that follows them are designed to speed up this recovery time as much as possible. By seeking professional help, limiting your mobility and following procedures that allow your injury to heal, you should be able to achieve a full recovery whether you are dealing with anything from a minor sprain to a broken ankle.

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