5 Ways to Ease Back Pain From Scoliosis

August 5, 2015

An estimated 5 to 7 million Americans suffer from scoliosis, reports the American Chiropractic Association. This condition is characterized by abnormal curvature of the spine. For most people, the spine is straight and tall to support our body posture. People...

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Is It Safe to Crack Your Own Back?

July 29, 2015

There’s nothing more satisfying that hearing the popping sounds that travel up and down your spine when you crack your back. But is cracking your own back really safe? Although a crack here and there probably won’t do you any...

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Why You Should Beware of ‘Text Neck’

July 22, 2015

Modern technological advancements have done wonders to improve productivity and efficiency in the past few decades, but new technologies are not without their drawbacks. We’ve all heard of people who developed carpal tunnel syndrome after too much typing, but there...

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Posture Tips for a Healthy Spine

July 1, 2015

Back pain is the number one source of disability worldwide, according to figures from the 2010 Global Burden of Disease Report. With 31 million Americans reporting that they experience back pain, it is important to address this widespread health problem....

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