Sometimes a serious sports injury is easy to spot, but acute sports injuries are not player at the doctors office to get a look at her injury.always immediately apparent. What begins as a minor ache following a rough game or a difficult workout can quickly progress into a debilitating and long-lasting impairment. Spotting the warning signs that you have a serious sports injury is key to seeking and receiving proper and prompt medical attention. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, please treat your injury as serious and consult an orthopedic doctor immediately.


Often the most common sign of an acute sports injury is also the most obvious. Pain in the joints of your knees, ankles, elbows or wrists following intense exercise or contact sports can be the first indication that something is wrong, particularly if you are still experiencing pain more than 48 hours after the initial injury.


An important indication that your sports injury is in need of medical attention is pain or tenderness when pressure is applied to the afflicted area. One of the easiest ways to test for tenderness is to press the same place on both sides of your body; if you don’t feel pain on the non-injured side, you have a clear signal that something is wrong.


Swelling is sometimes visually obvious, but it isn’t always easy to spot swelling, particularly at a joint. Joint pain and stiffness or clicking when you bend your afflicted joint are non-visual signs that the area is swollen.

Limited Range of Motion

A reduced ability to move or bend your injured joint is another sign of swelling in the area and an indication of an underlying serious injury. As when checking for tenderness, compare the range of motion between the injured and non-injured sides of your body; if one side has limited movement, a serious injury could be present.


Lastly, tingling or loss of sensation in the injured area is one of the most significant signs of a serious injury. This symptom can signal nerve compression in the injured area, and any numbness is a sign of a sports injury that should be immediately examined by a doctor.

Contact Our Sports Medicine Specialists

If you are experiencing signs of a serious and acute sports injury, getting prompt medical attention is key for avoiding serious damage or a long-term debilitating condition. The sports medicine experts at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists can provide you with the care you need. To schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist, please contact us at (904) 634-0640 or request an appointment online.

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