Summer is full of activities for many people. Unfortunately, for some people, that also means a rise in injuries. Many of these injuries are related to the shoulder. It is important to note that if you do injure your shoulder, you should get some help immediately so that it does not become and even bigger issue later. These are some of the most common shoulder injuries we see in the summer.

Shoulder Strainsshoulder injury

A shoulder strain happens when a muscle or tendon in your shoulder is stretched. Some of the signs you may have a shoulder strain include pain, swelling, muscle cramps or spasms and a decreased mobility in your muscle. This happens when the muscle has been stretched too far or too fast. It is often a sudden type of event such as falling, heavy lifting or throwing. You can even experience a chronic shoulder strain from repetitive motions over an extended period of time. This could happen from sports such as golf, tennis or rowing.

Rotator Cuff Injury

The rotator cuff helps to rotate your arm and is a system of muscles and tendon in your shoulder socket. A rotator cuff injury could be a stretching of these muscles or tendons, irritation of the tendons, inflammation in the socket or it could be a complete tear of one or more of the tendons. The rotator cuff is a complex system and injuries are common. Injuries are found more often in athletes or people who use their arms overhead a lot. Some examples of this would be swimmers, construction workers, tennis players, baseball players and even painters.

It is important to seek medical attention when you have any shoulder pain because it could lead to something bigger if left untreated. If you need a consultation or are in need of rotator cuff surgery, be sure to contact us today by calling our office.

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