Running is generally considered to be one of the healthiest forms of exercise available. But it is not without its hazards. As orthopedic specialists in northern Florida, we see a variety of preventable injuries that may be avoided by following these training tips.

Keep Warm

Avid runners don’t stop running just because the weather gets chilly. Even in northern Florida, temperatures can dip low enough in winter to warrant extra precaution when training. In addition to doing warm ups before going out in cold weather, keep muscles and joints warm by wearing adequate clothing with insulating properties.woman runner hold her injured leg on road

Run on Good Surfaces

Shin splints and runner’s knee can occur when a runner is training on inferior surfaces that offer no “give.” To help avoid this painful condition, confine training to surfaces that are inherently shock absorbent, such as a running track.

Wear Proper Footwear

The specific movement of the feet during training requires proper footwear in order to prevent common issues such as spurs. This bone outgrowth can be prevented with a proper fitting of appropriate running footwear. Your investment in proper footwear can help prevent injuries like spurs that may prevent you from continuing your training.

Run on Even Surfaces

To avoid falls, missteps and alignment issues, be sure to run on even surfaces. This doesn’t mean you can’t run uphill or downhill. It means you should avoid prolonged running on slanted surfaces where one side is higher than the other. Doing so could cause problems with the bones in the feet, as well as spinal issues that can lead to painful misalignment problems.

Avoid Running on Roadways

For enthusiastic runners, every stretch of road may be an enticing running opportunity. However, running injuries often occur from incidents related to stationary and moving objects. Hazards include motor vehicles and distracted drivers, cyclists, skateboarders, delivery vans and even telephone poles, fences and roadway construction. Unless you’re wearing very strong bumpers, it’s best to avoid roadways when training.

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