If you have scoliosis, you’re probably searching for which treatment option is right for you. Should you opt for surgery? Or perhaps there’s an alternative to surgery you should consider?

What Are the Treatment Options for Scoliosis?

The treatment options available for your scoliosis will depend on the severity of the curve in your spine, as well as your age, health and physical condition. However, if your spine is skeletally mature and the curve is more than 45 degrees, generally, surgery is your only option.

Spinal fusion is the most commonly recommended type of surgery for severe scoliosis. With this surgery, it’s possible you could be back to enjoying all your normal daily activities after a few short months. Your orthopedic surgeon will be able to give you more specific details based on your particular situation.

Who Should I Contact If I Need a Spine Specialist?

If you have or suspect you have, scoliosis and would like more information about your options, please Contact Us today. Southeast Orthopedic Specialists has 14 board-certified orthopedic physicians on staff and we offer cutting-edge care in all six of our state-of-the-art Jacksonville, Florida locations.child with scoliosis

The Pros and Cons of Scoliosis Surgery

When you have severe scoliosis, and your orthopedic surgeon has scheduled surgery, you might be wondering what the pros and cons of such a surgery might be.

Pros of Scoliosis Surgery:

  • It will stop your spinal curve from getting worse.
  • It will reduce your rib’s prominence and reduce any spinal deformities that are present.

Cons of Scoliosis Surgery:

  • Complications, as with any surgery, could occur. Such issues could include infection, damage to the nerves, loss of blood and/or bowel and bladder problems.
  • You could also experience loss of spinal balance and there’s a possibility that your bones won’t heal or fuse properly.

Any Non-Operative Options for Treating Scoliosis?

There is only one non-operative option for treating scoliosis and that is bracing. If your spine has a curve of 25 to 40 degrees, and your body is still growing, the spine specialist will probably recommend you wear a brace to see if that will keep your scoliosis from getting worse while your body continues to grow.

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