According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, an orthopedic specialist has a medical focus on injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, a system encompassing bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, muscles and nerves. Such injuries can interfere with how a patient feels and moves. Injuries and pain can prevent a person from performing routine activities. Learn more about how an orthopedic specialist helps patients during therapy and recovery.

What Does an Orthopedic Specialist Do?orthopedic doctors

An orthopedic specialist will help manage a musculoskeletal issue and will assist in the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of future conditions. Many orthopedic specialists choose to specialize in a certain area. There are specialists for the foot and ankle, hip, spine or knee. Others may work in a specific field such as sports medicine, trauma or pediatrics. Orthopedic specialists at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists offer patients a variety of specialties. Review members of the staff to find a friendly and suitable team member dedicated to addressing your specific orthopedic needs.

What Options Do Orthopedic Specialists Offer?

There are many treatments and rehabilitation options available at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists. Surgical and non-surgical approaches are available and recommendations are given after a thorough assessment. Options include:

  • Stem cell therapy. This type of therapy is offered at the Beaches location. Stem cell therapy is used in combination with traditional orthopedic approaches to offer new ways to provide pain relief and stimulate the body’s healing process. Injections of carefully extracted and prepared cells help heal injured cells and tissues and nourish a target area.
  • Joint replacement. Patients with severe to moderate arthritis may opt for joint replacement surgery to provide pain relief and restore function in a joint. Patients can have total replacement surgery that can keep them pain-free for decades.
  • Emergency orthopedic care. An Emergency Orthopedic Program treats patients with fractures and traumatic injuries. After a thorough evaluation, an orthopedic specialist develops a personalized treatment program for the needs of a patient. Treatment recommendations may include medication, casts, splints, surgery or physical therapy.
  • On-site rehabilitation. Each of the six on-site physical therapy departments provides patients with quality care in the form of therapists trained in orthopedic manual physical therapy, state-of-the-art equipment and large treatment areas. Therapists partner with surgeons to enhance patient outcomes.

Contact An Orthopedic Specialist

Southeast Orthopedic Specialists has offered the most comprehensive care available to the Northeast Florida community since 2001. Patients choose from a team including 13 board certified physicians and six convenient locations. Contact a friendly associate to learn how an orthopedic specialist can address your concern.

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