Caring for your body means a holistic approach from head to toe. While this is true for any of your body’s many systems, it is especially so when it comes to your bones. Good orthopedic care means treating your body as a whole rather than simply one or two areas.

Orthopedic Care for the Entire Body

  • Head: The long-term ramifications of a concussion are still being understood, but it’s clear that they’re much greater than originally believed. This complex condition requires close orthopedic care head to toemanagement to reduce risks and complications.
  • Shoulders: Sprains, strains and arthritis are just a few of the issues you might experience in your shoulders. Working closely with Southeast Orthopedic Specialists provides you with a treatment plan designed to manage your pain, protect your range of motion and get you back to your desired activity level as quickly as possible.
  • Knees: As part of your skeleton, your knees are subjected to a great deal of wear and tear. Whether you are having issues with runner’s knee or you have severe arthritis that’s compromising your quality of life, our 47 healthcare providers are here to apply their expertise and experience to ensure that you have the best possible outcome. Our surgeons and physical therapists work in partnership to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan designed to get you up and moving as soon as possible.
  • Back: As the structure that ties all your bones together, we pay careful attention to your back and its health. In addition to our 14 board-certified orthopedic physicians, we also have a certified chiropractor.
  • Ankles: A sprained ankle is such a benign-sounding injury that many people don’t take it nearly as seriously as they should. The proper treatment plan from the start can hasten recovery and reduce long-term problems.

Reach Out To An Orthopedic

When you need head-to-toe orthopedic care in northeast Florida, call 904.634.0640 to make your first appointment. Established patients can contact Southeast Orthopedic Specialists online to request an appointment.

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