Maintaining a healthy spine can prevent back pain and uncomfortable chronic conditions. One of the ways that you can maintain a healthy spine is by eating the right foods. Knowing which foods to eat can help you keep up a healthy diet.

Eat Foods High in Calcium

Calcium is one of the most well-known minerals to positively affect bone health. Calcium is best obtained through natural sources, like through the foods you eat. Consuming calcium-rich foods can help prevent osteoporosis and can also help strengthen the bones in the back. For older adults, 1,000 mg of calcium is enough to help keep the back healthy.Various fresh dairy products high in calcium There are many foods that contain calcium, including:

  • Yogurt
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Figs
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Almonds

Some adults take in calcium through supplements and vitamins, but taking in calcium through food sources is better.

Lose Weight Through Healthy Foods

Excess weight can put a lot of pressure on the vertebrae, which can eventually lead to back pain and disc degeneration. To control weight gain and maintain a healthy BMI, eat a balanced diet of healthy foods, including:

  • Lean meat (6 ounces daily)
  • Fish (every day or every other day)
  • Olive oil (daily)
  • Nuts (daily)
  • Raw or steamed vegetables (daily)

Limit your intake of trans fats, empty calories, candy, cookies and carbohydrates.

Avoid Nightshade Plants

Nightshade plants (tomatoes and eggplant, for example) are known to contribute to inflammation, which can lead to an increase in pain and discomfort. To avoid problems, cut back your consumption of nightshade plants, then watch to see if your pain goes away. If reducing or eliminating nightshade plants from your diet does nothing to help your pain, then nightshades may not be the source of your problem.

Work With Your Orthopedic Specialists

If you’re struggling to maintain spine health and would like to improve your spine strength and flexibility, contact your orthopedic surgeons at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists. We help patients manage their pain and avoid back discomfort. Contact us today at (904) 634-0640.

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