Kayla Durden’s Recovery With Southeast Orthopedic Specialists


When 28-year-old Kayla Durden got cast for a new ABC show, the Ultimate Surfer, she did not expect to injure her back and be left seriously questioning her chances of competing.  The Ultimate Surfer recruited some of the world’s greatest up-and-coming surfers and Kayla was one of them. In March of 2020, all of Kayla’s efforts were focused on training for a dream opportunity that she had landed on the television show. During a workout, she felt a snap in her lower back while training with a hex bar. Kayla had never had an injury before, but her pain was immediately intense “I hit the floor and couldn’t get up,” Kayla explained, “my first thought was being unable to compete on the show”.

Initially, Kayla was trying to tough through her pain given that the show was quickly approaching. One of her friends at Titan Up Fitness saw how uncomfortable she was and immediately recommended she go see Dr. Shaun Janse van Rensburg at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists. Kayla reached out to Dr. Shaun and by the end of the day, she was in the office having X-rays and a small chiropractic adjustment. The X-rays showed she had a herniated disc in her lower spine. Given the time crunch that Kayla was on, Dr. Shaun put her on an adjustment routine of three adjustments a week. Together, they worked on keeping Kayla’s body looser through stretching and chiropractic work.

Kayla ultimately made her way onto the Ultimate Surfer and competed on national television for the chance at $100,000. Dr. Shaun was able to help Kayla manage her pain and implement strategies such as stretching before surfing that made her experience on the show so successful. Now, Kayla goes to Southeast Orthopedic Specialists once a week for maintenance and highly recommends the practice. She says, “I recommend Southeast Orthopedic to everyone and anyone I know with any bit of pain”.

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