Hopefully, you never have a painful fracture. Broken bones are no fun. They take a long time to heal, make it difficult to do daily activities, and the cast isn’t a walk in the park. It’s itchy and smelly. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t some interesting facts about fractures. Check out these 5 fun facts about fractures:

  • Casts: Can you guess the most popular cast colors? If you said neon green or pink, you guessed right! Oh, and if you want to be on trend with decorating your cast, then break out the Bedazzler and some jewels. Make that cast sparkle and shine!
  • Bone facts: The 5 most common broken bones are the humerus, the tibia, the ulna, the fibula, and the radius.
  • Most painful break: That would be the femur bone.
  • Top 5 causes of fractures is all sports, snowboarding, monkey bars, trampolines, and scooters.
  • Male vs. Female: Who’s more likely to break a bone? According to surveys, 59% of fractures happen to males.

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