Our hands are very important. They help us accomplish a wide variety of tasks, such as dressing, eating, writing, creating art and earning a living. To perform properly, the hands must have muscle contraction, tendon gliding and joint motion. An orthopedic hand specialist is trained to diagnose and care for hand problems, with or without surgery.

The Purpose of Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is a very specialized surgery intended to treat the function of the fingers and hands and to eliminate pain. Specifically, it can treat carpal tunnel syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and Dupuytren’s contracture. With carpal tunnel syndrome, there is pressure on the median nerve within the wrist, and it can cause pain, numbness, weakness or a tinglindoctors hands holding heartg sensation. Rheumatoid arthritis can impair movement and deform finger. Dupuytren’s contracture occurs due to thick, scar-like tissue in the palm or fingers. It restricts movement and bending of the fingers.

Procedural Steps in Hand Surgery

For comfort, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation is administered prior to surgery. If the surgery is being performed for tendon repair, the retracted tendon will be reconnected using surgical techniques to restore movement and function. In carpal tunnel surgery, an incision is made from the middle of the palm to the wrist. Or, an endoscopic carpal tunnel release may be done for a smaller incision. An endoscope with a light and lens is used for the procedure.

Postoperative Hand Surgery

After surgery, dressings or bandages are applied to keep the site clean. Medications are prescribed to prevent after-surgery pain and infection. Hand therapy exercises are given to restore strength, flexibility and movement. This is essential for a good recovery. Prior to surgery, you’ll be given instructions on what to do the day of surgery, the use of anesthesia and follow-up instructions.

Contact us if you’re suffering from hand pain, one of our orthopedic hand specialists will can help. You’ll be examined and asked a number of questions, such as your expectations and outcome and pre-existing conditions. Their orthopedic hand specialist will also let you know your options are and discuss the best course of treatment. Give them a call today for a one-on-one consultation and get on the path to recovery.

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