The weather and time of year, the amount of help you have available and even your schedule and ability to get to appointments will all impact the timing of your surgery. The “right time” is unique for every patient and depends on your own personal circumstances. Here are a few things to consider as you decide on the timing for your surgery.

5 Things To Consider Before Hip Replacement Surgery

1. What’s the weather like?

Snow and ice won’t be a factor in Florida, but hurricane season could be. Initially you will probably be using a walker or crutches to get around for a while after your hip surgery. Even warm puddles of rainwater will not be your friend as you recover.X-ray of a Arthroplasty of the hip joint

2. Who is available to help you recover?

Your surgeon will provide you with a comprehensive list of preparations to make your postoperative period as comfortable as possible. Most hip replacement patients are looking at three to six weeks of some difficulty getting around, even though that relentless hip pain is gone. Before hip surgery, you will have already cleared all slip/fall risks from your home, and moved food and preparation items to a place where you do not have to bend to reach them. However, you’ll need some daily help just navigating around your home safely, especially in the beginning.

3. Will transportation be available?

Is there one time of year that rides to and from rehab and doctor appointments (and the grocery store) are easier to schedule? For some patients, help is more available in the summer than at any other time.

4. Is pet care an issue?

If you have a pet you may need to make arrangements since you will be unable to care for your pet. Your furry companion needs looking after too. Will there be room at the kennel for a while, or a temporary home with a relative or friend? Make plans so that your pet is looked after.

5. What do you love to do?

Your active lifestyle is going to come back. You will be doing a lot of walking, and each step will get easier. Is bowling, tennis or golf your thing? Pain and immobility have kept you on the sidelines for too long.

Time to Contact A Specialist

Consider your particular needs, factor in a few months of recovery and set the date for that hip replacement. The Southeast Orthopedic Specialists team will get you back on your feet; the rest of your life is waiting.

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