There are two different types of exercise that people can do, whether most of them realize it or not. The two different types of exercise are aerobic and anaerobic. These two types of exercise serve two different purposes and can help people achieve different goals as well.

What is Aerobic Exercise?

Aerobic exercise is what is commonly referred to as cardio. To break that down further, it is exercise that requires the body to use oxygenated blood to work the lung muscles and other muscles in the body. It is something that stimulated the breathing and heart rate. Some examples of aerobic exercises include running, hiking, dancing, kickboxing, swimming, and even using cardio machines. However, any aerobic activity can turn into an anaerobic activity if it is performed at too high of a level or intensity. Aerobic exercise is something that can improve the physical health of a person as well as emotional health. Additionally, it can help prevent or reduce the chance of getting some cancers, diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease.woman doing aerobic exercise

What is Anaerobic Exercise?

Anaerobic exercise is characterized by exercising without oxygen. It is a type of exercise that makes a person become quickly out of breath. It is a high intensity type of workout where the result is that the body is needing more oxygen than there is available in the body. One of the major differences between this type of exercise and aerobic exercise is that this one relies on the energy sources that are stored in the muscles of the body instead of on the oxygen in the air. Some examples of this type of exercise include sprinting and even lifting heavy weights. The benefit of this type of exercise is that it can be used to increase the strength of the body.

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