A study conducted by the American Pain Association revealed that physical therapy is safer, less costly, and more effective than prescription drugs for treating chronic pain. Another study showed that when physical therapy is used as the initial treatment for a back injury, it takes less time and costs less to mend the injury to get back into a normal routine. Despite the positive results that can be achieved through physical therapy, there are myths that may prevent people from seeking this type of treatment for injuries and rehabilitation.

Myth #1: Physical Therapy Requires a Doctor’s Order.

A physician’s referral isn’t required to set up an appointment with a physical therapist. Some states, such as Florida, are considered “direct access” states, meaning you can make an appointment and receive treatment from a physical therapist for 30 days without a referral.  Some physical therapists may be employed in an orthopedic specialist’s office, and the doctor can make a direct referral to the physical therapist if your insurance requires it.

Myth #2: Physical Therapy is Painful.

Physical therapists work within a patient’s pain threshold. The injury itself is often painful, and sometimes a patient does feel discomfort in early physical therapy sessions. However, the goal of physical therapy is to heal the injury in order to relieve the pain and improve movement so that the patient can return to normal activity as soon as possible.

Myth #3: Any Healthcare Professional Can Do Physical Therapy.

Physical therapists are licensed, trained professionals. Only those with a license can administer physical therapy services.

Southeast Orthopedic Services provides physical therapy and orthopedic evaluations and treatments to Northeast Florida as well as Southern Georgia. With more than 47 healthcare providers performing orthopedic, chiropractic, and physical therapy services in 6 different convenient locations, pain relief and improved mobility are only a short drive away. Emergency orthopedic care is available on-site, along with state-of-the-art testing and diagnostic services. Southeast Orthopedic Services also offers a physical therapy department providing a full range of orthopedic manual physical therapy for a wide range of rehabilitative treatments. Services include regenerative stem cell and bone marrow grafts to treat osteoarthritis, muscle or tendon tears, and lumbar disc disease. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit the Southeast Orthopedic Services website.

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