Are you thinking about undergoing joint replacement surgery? Read this article to separate fact from fiction before opting for surgery, and consult with your spine care doctor in Jacksonville, FL, if you have any questions.

You Shouldn’t Visit the Dentist before Joint Replacement Surgery

True. Dental work, including routine cleanings, can increase the risk of infection. Having dental work done can increase the number of bacteria in your bloodstream and could possibly cause complications or delay healing for your newly replaced joint. The best thing to do is avoid dental work for three weeks before your surgery and three weeks after your surgery.

Don’t Put off Having Joint Replacement Surgery

It depends. Some studies suggest that getting your painful joints replaced sooner will protect your bones and cartilage from further damage and deformities down the road. But it all depends on the needs of the individual. Sometimes less invasive procedures will be better for the patient. It is always a good idea to seek another opinion from a different doctor before deciding on surgery.

You Should Be over 60 Years Old for a Knee or Hip Replacement

False. There is no age requirement to have knee or hip replacement. Modern technology has given us replacement joints that will last for a lifetime. If your quality of life is suffering due to hip or knee pain, don’t let age be a determining factor. Talk to the doctors at the spine care center in Jacksonville, FL to weigh your options.

Hip and Knee Replacements Only Last 10 Years

False. In the past, artificial joints only lasted for about 10 years. Now, with technological improvements, artificial hips and joints can last 15 to 20 years or more! You can help make your replacement joint last longer by doing rehab exercises following surgery, avoiding high impact activities, and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Joint Replacement Surgery Can Cause Hair Loss

True. Surgery of any kind puts stress on the body, and any kind of surgery or operation can lead to hair loss or shedding. Some patients report extra hair loss following joint replacement surgery. This hair loss is only temporary and will grow back.

You Can’t Have Sex after Joint Replacement Surgery

False. It is best to wait for 2 to 3 weeks following surgery before having sex. But, after you have healed, you can have sex again. Listen to your body and try a different position if you feel discomfort or pain.

Not Everyone Needs to Do Prehab Exercises before Surgery

False. Everyone can benefit from doing prehab exercises before they have joint replacement surgery. The stronger and fitter you are before surgery, the more quickly and easily you will recover after surgery.

You Can’t Wear High Heels after Joint Replacement Surgery

False. Immediately following joint replacement surgery, you can’t wear high heels. You don’t want to risk falling and injuring your newly replaced joint. But, after 2 to 3 months of recovery, you can gradually start wearing high heels again.

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