One-day joint replacement today can have you home tomorrow. It’s an innovative approach that means patients can have surgery one morning and return home the next day. There have been advances in pain management with knee joint or hip joint replacement procedures where rehabilitation can begin just hours after surgery with minimal discomfort. Previously, joint replacement patients would have a hospital stay of three to four days. Also, joint replacement surgery used to require the cutting of tendons and muscles, but not any longer. Only a small incision is made. It’s known as natural interval, and the risk is minimal.

The Qualifications for One-Day Joint ReplacementFemale Doctor Examining Female Patient With Elbow Pain

Patients who qualify as candidates for one-day joint replacement procedures and discharge include those who:

  • Have a healthy body mass
  • Are in good health and without cardiac disease or other medical conditions
  • Take a pre-operative training class with educational materials
  • Have a support person or network at home
  • Have discussed the one-day discharge with their surgeon

One-day joint replacement surgery is faster, and healing time is faster. Plus, there’s a quicker recovery time to normal mobility and strength. The goal of this type of surgery is to restore motion and reduce arthritic pain. The surgery itself takes about an hour. The procedure for hip joint surgery replaces an arthritic or damaged hip joint with an artificial joint. The arthritic joint is removed and a prosthetic joint like to a ball and socket is inserted, allowing the patient to move with greater ease.

Southern Orthopedic Specialists

At Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, we have orthopedic surgeons who exclusively practice joint replacement surgery. It’s this specialty that allows them stay abreast of the rapidly improving procedures, such as one-day joint surgery. They also utilize minimally invasive surgery procedures. Their one-day joint surgery program includes patient education and is done in a state-of-the-art surgery. Excellent care is provided for every patient after surgery. The experience of the surgeon, the efficiency of the team and the pain-management protocols are the most critical variables that make a same-day operation possible. Our Jacksonville orthopedic center implements these crucial protocols. If you’re considering one-day joint replacement surgery, Give Southern Orthopedic Specialists a call today. You’ll be scheduled for a one-on-one consultation where all of your questions will be answered.

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