As the temperatures rise, more and more people head towards the water. Not only do people go to the ocean for a trip but they also head out for days by the local pool. If you have not taken advantage of swimming in the summer to cool off, you may decide it is time to when you learn of all the benefits. These are just a few that make swimming a recommendation from orthopedic surgeons.

Lose Weight

Getting in the pool and going for a swim or playing with some friends can help you burn calories and lose weight. Doing it one time will not make a difference but if you make it a habit, you will definitely notice a difference after a few weeks.

Reduce Back Pain

Swimming is an exercise that does not strain any of the connective tissues of the body making is a great exercise for people with back pain, leg pain and even joint pain. Not only does it allow you to get exercise without adding strain to the body but it can also help relieve some of your symptoms.Men's swimming freestyle race

Relieve Stress

Swimming is a stress reliever. It is a fun activity and if you are feeling stressed, then it is time to go to the pool. Combine that with the endorphins you get from a workout and you will be feeling great after your swim.

Build Muscle

Every time you see someone who is an avid swimmer, you probably notice how defined their muscles are. The repetitive motions and increased resistance that comes naturally from the water help with this. Additionally, swimmers can heal injured muscles faster and they develop good muscle stamina.

Swimming is a great exercise for people of all ages and of all health levels. Before you start a new work out regimen, be sure to come see the doctors at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists.

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