There have been a number of advancements in joint replacement surgery that yield positive results for patients. The SuperPath hip approach allows the surgeon to perform a hip replacement without having to twist the leg or dislocate the hip joint. This advancement gives the patient a quicker recovery period and less chance of a post-operative hip replacement. The direct anterior hip replacement procedure is minimally invasive and replaces the damaged joint with polyethylene and titanium components. It’s known as muscle sparing surgery and the muscles are not cut during the procedure. Only a small incision is made. The end result is a quicker recovery period like the SuperPath hip method.

Advances in Knee Replacement and Hip ReplacementMale Doctor Examining Male Patient With Knee Pain

Today, knee replacements can be manufactured to the specifications of your knee shape. A CT scan is used to digitally construct a 3-dimensional model of the knee joint. Patient specific cutting guides are provided to the surgery to enhance the accuracy of the implant position. Robotic surgery may be used in knee replacement. The robotic arm assists the surgeon with making the bony cuts around the hip joint or knee joint. As a matter of fact, robotic joint replacement is the biggest innovation in outpatient total joint replacement. Moving components can even be implanted for the knee joint.

The CPM Machine and Multi-Modal Pain Programs

A CPM machine is used to keep down the swelling after joint replacement surgery. It provides continuous passive motion to help the patient regain range of motion also. Another important advancement is the development of multi-modal pain control programs. These protocols include peri-articular cocktails, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds, longer
acting analgesics and newer drugs to reduce nerve pain.

The two main reasons why patients were kept in the hospital with joint replacement surgery were associated blood loss and difficulty controlling postoperative pain. Now, medications like tranexamic acid greatly reduce blood loss. One-day discharge for joint replacement surgery is now commonplace. All around, the advancements in joint replacement surgery have made the procedure less invasive with a faster recovery period.

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