Seek Orthopedic Urgent Care

Orthopedic urgent care centers offer easy and fast access to orthopedic care. They’re the perfect place to go for injuries and other orthopedic issues that aren’t true emergencies but do require prompt treatment.

Here are three times when it’s right to seek ortho urgent care.

Sprains from Playing Sports

Athletes who sprain joints during competition or practice should quickly see an orthopedic specialist at an ortho urgent care center.

Broken arm bonesAn orthopedic specialist will have the expertise required to assess the full extent of an injury and determine an accurate timeline for recovery. In contrast, a generalist may have to refer an injured athlete to an orthopedic specialist — which only increases the time it takes to have an injury assessed and begin treatment.

Of course, you need to see a specialist as quickly as possible so the recovery process can begin as soon as possible. The faster the recovery is started, the shorter the recovery may be and the sooner the athlete will be back competing.

Non-Head Injuries from Falls

Falls that include head injuries call for a trip to the hospital emergency room, where a CT scanner is available to check for potential concussions. When people fall and suffer non-head injuries, however, they’ll frequently get the highest level of treatment at an ortho urgent care center.

An ortho urgent care clinic has the equipment and specialists needed to assess and treat fractured bones, bruised bones and sprained joints (as well as other injuries). By getting these injuries treated at an ortho urgent care clinic, patients can often avoid the hours-long waits often associated with hospital emergency rooms.

Dislocated Joints

Ortho urgent care centers have everything that’s needed for treating most dislocated joints. Clinics have imaging tools and pain medications available, and their specialists know how to safely realign dislocated joints.

As is true with injuries that result from falls, patients will often get faster treatment for dislocated joints at an ortho urgent care clinic that they will at a hospital. Emergency rooms are frequently busy with lots of patients, many of whom have more serious injuries and will be treated first.

If you’ve suffered any of these kinds of injuries, don’t delay seeking treatment. Come see us at Southeast Orthopedic Specialists. You can contact us before you leave, or just come to one of our centers.

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