J.L. Jacobs, OTD-OTR/L CHT

J.L. Jacobs, OTD-OTR/L CHT

J.L. Jacobs, OTD-OTR/L CHT

  • Doctorate of Occupational Therapy, University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science, Southeastern Louisiana University
  • Certified Hand Therapist, Hand Therapy Certification Commission
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Shaun Janse van Rensburg, DC

Chiropractic Physician

Expert Chiropractic Medicine encompasses manual manipulations of the spine and extremities to restore proper mobility of the joint. Additionally, manual manipulations focus on proper biomechanics to avoid compensation throughout the body that could lead to pain and injury.



Reasons You May Need Hand Surgery

Bandaging a handOur hands enable us to thrive. We feel, touch, grasp, carry and hold the world around us using our hands. So, what do we do when our hands hurt or are weak? In some cases, we turn to the experience and expertise of one...

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